Custom wrap boxes manufactured to elevate the protection and hygiene of products

Do you want sturdy packaging for your food, cosmetic, gift, or product products? Then, visit us and get the high-quality Custom wrap boxes designed according to the specifications. We know that customers have high expectations from a brand when they purchase something. If a brand cannot provide protection to the products, then they won’t further purchase.


Keeping in mind this thing, we manufacture the boxes with high-quality material to promote the strength of the products. Our packaging is durable against any external pressure applied to the boxes. We ensure each of our boxes undergo quality tests to deliver maximum product protection. Our experts aim to retain the products’ hygiene and keep them safe from environmental exposure.

Customized wrap boxes with window to maximize the visibility of products

Our experts know the weakness of the customers very well, as customers are always curious to check out the product they are going to purchase. In such circumstances, we present you with die-cut wrap boxes with window that let customers sneak through the boxes. Eventually, it relieves their curiosity, and they are satisfied with the product they purchase.

Again, this strategy effectively maximizes your product’s visibility in the crowd of other products. A window design of the boxes gets immediate customer attention, effectively boosting your product sales. Our designers can design any shape or size you require for the window panes. We use high-quality transparent PVC sheets to deliver strength to the window designs.

Our team provides the window panes with a waterproof finish to prevent them from being exposed to water. You can look for more variations in these designs by clicking on

Custom made wrap boxes are designed in versatile styles to create distinctive packaging

Distinctive packaging is more attractive than plain ones. Our creative designers work on creating innovations in the pre-designed box styles to create something unique for their display. Although we have different types of personalized wrap boxes, we encourage our clients to share their desired layout.

Sliding tray boxes

Such boxes are an excellent way to represent your products. Customers love to unbox this premium packaging. The drawer is where you keep the product, and the cover encapsulates the drawer. It is one of the most distinctive yet alluring ways of packaging.

Two-piece box

A two-piece CBD box includes a lid that wraps around the base box. It lets customers conveniently unbox the box.

In addition to these styles, we have bespoke shapes for these boxes. Our boxes with distinctive shapes are worth persuading customers to make their purchases. Our team follows up on the shapes that are trending in the market. To witness more styles, you can visit our website.

Why choose us?

We are offering you wholesale wrap packaging at affordable rates. Our packaging company promises to deliver supreme quality packaging that not only proves to promote the strength of the boxes but also maintains the hygiene and freshness of the products.


Can I get a sample of the custom wrap box?

Yes, our design sample is always shared with our clients for approval.

Can I get fast delivery for the custom wrap boxes?

Yes, we offer an express delivery feature for fast shipment.