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Click To Custom Boxes provides low-quality design files to clients. However, if you require high-quality designs, then email us at

Customer submitted artwork

Customers must send us the artwork or the designs only in the CMYK format with a quality of 300 DPI. We at take no responsibility for the color variation due to the shifting color format.

Proofing and matching

We proceed with printing once customers approve the sheet’s designs, artwork, and graphics. Customers shall always go through this sheet and check for the specifications. Before proceeding, they shall finalize the design and artwork. We at suggest our customers proofread the sheet, look for any errors mentioned, and inform us.

We can never guarantee the exact matching of the colors, dyes, or inks. But we can guarantee the layout, graphics, image proportions, and position.


We ask our customers to share the specific paper quality required for the food-graded boxes.

Before printing, we want our customers to select a specific layout and proof.

Clicktocustomboxes will take no responsibility for the printing mistakes for the following reasons;

  • Punctuation or spelling issues
  • Product Sizing
  • Incorrect die cuts or fold positions
  • Wrong placement of graphics

Accuracy in Color and hardcopy

Our company produces the most accurate colors for the client’s submitted files. But will not promise you the exact matching for the colors due to several limitations. Remember that we can only promise you a color guarantee between your submitted images and the printed artwork on the boxes.

Cancellation of any order can cancel any order you place before getting it printed or before shipping. But remember that once we dispatch the order, the order cannot be canceled. You can cancel it if it is still in the manufacturing phase, but we can induce charges on it.

  1. Placement of order
  2. Orders are sent to the design department
  3. Orders go to the pressing unit
  4. Getting ready and sent for shipment

Before the second stage, you can cancel the order at any moment. At the first stage of cancellation, we will charge you to pay 20 percent of the manufacturing payment. If you cancel it at the second stage, we will subtract the 20 percent amount as a cancellation fee from the total cost. You can cancel the orders at the third stage, too, but it is something we don’t guarantee you. If any order goes at the fourth stage, we offer no cancellation.

Orders of designs

After you have booked your order, our team shows no concern about refunding the design return fees.

Returns and refunding

Every order at our company is distinctive, and we finalize every sale. We will re-print the order if we need to correct a printing mistake. But we have no refund policy or credit systems.


Our clients shall inform us of any defective pieces, damage, or wrong orders within three days of the product’s delivery. Otherwise, we show no concern for the responsibility of the product. You shall claim the replacement of the product within ten days of its delivery. 

Order Shipment and delivery time has a variety of order types;

  • Standard delivery:

We ship the order in a maximum of two weeks after you confirm the order.

We do not confirm the specific time of shipment.

  • Priority delivery:

We promise to deliver it to you in a week at maximum time.

  • Express delivery:

We ship the products within 10 to 12 business days , but reaching you could take 12 to 13 days.

Whichever type of order delivery you select, we only proceed with its shipment after customers finalize the order. always takes the order timely and delivers it to you on time. We might delay our shipment because of the extreme weather conditions, technical delays in our machines, etc.

Our services expand worldwide as we remotely handle orders. What makes us the best manufacturer of custom packaging boxes is the quality packaging we deliver at the most economical rates.

Defected and lost products

Customers shall perform a proper inspection after receiving their products before they accept the delivery of the products. If they receive damaged or incomplete products, inform them at You shall place your claim within three days of its delivery; otherwise, we take no responsibility for the damaged, defective, or lost products. We can place the extra shipping charges on the products if such products undergo re-shipment.