Custom Two piece rigid boxes manufactured with sturdy material

Our packaging company introduces you to the amazing custom two piece rigid boxes that can withstand the external pressure and jerks in shipment. We choose the best material for manufacturing the packaging to prevent the product from undergoing damage.

Primarily, we manufacture the inserts to add double protection to the products. We have categorized the inserts into three different categories. For the packaging of expensive products, we chose the EVA foam. Then, the second insert type in the soft foam. This soft foam adds cushion to delicate and glass-made products. The third insert category is the corrugated inserts that you can have in die-cut shapes. Our inserts are always custom-made according to the product sizing.


Custom-made two piece rigid boxes are printed with an appealing outlook

Customers can only get attracted to your product once they find your product packaging appealing. Our team works to make the outlook of these boxes beautiful. We have a wide selection of colors that help us print the best shades for the custom two piece packaging boxes. Sometimes, the color selection is based on the colors that trend in the market or even according to the theme of the client’s brand.

To enhance the presentation of the boxes, we added a touch of gold and silver foil stamping to these boxes. These two foil stamping helps elevate the luxury effect given to such packaging. It looks more attractive and results in boosting the sales of the products. You can view more of these features by clicking on

Customized two piece rigid boxes designed with different finish techniques

Our experts are always concerned with making the boxes speak about the brand’s message. For this reason, we deliver supreme quality to the boxes that eventually accelerate product sales. Our finish techniques for the custom rigid two piece boxes are exclusive and distinctive. We added the metalized finish to make the overall display of the boxes alluring. The glitz and glamorous metalized look boosts the branding of your products.

Sometimes, we prefer the soft touch finish. Such a finish gives a soft and smooth outlook to the boxes. Besides this, we have the spot UV finish that introduces the glossy effect to the varnished surface of the boxes.

For the simple finish techniques, we have a matte and glossy finish. A matte finish introduces mattifying colors to the boxes with no shine. However, a glossy finish produces a shiny effect on the packaging boxes and gives the product a premium presentation.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company has great expertise in manufacturing boxes with a creative and unique outlook. We present you with affordable packaging solutions to meet your budget requirements. The die-cut shapes and customized features for the rigid boxes can increase your product sales.


Can I get the add-on features for the custom two piece rigid boxes?

We add ribbons, bows, and other embellishments for the boxes.

Do you offer wholesale rates for the custom two piece rigid boxes?

Yes, we are the wholesale custom packaging experts.