Custom flip top boxes manufactured to maximize the strength of products


Customers are always pleased to receive a product in their original condition. If the packaging isn’t worth securing the safety of the products, there is an excellent chance that the product will get damaged. So, for this purpose, our manufactured custom flip top boxes are worth investing in. We present you with the most sturdy and rigid kind of boxes. Our packaging boxes could easily resist the pressure from the surrounding and prevents them from folding or collapsing.

If you want to maximize the protection of the products, then we have custom-made inserts. These inserts have die-cut shapes and sizing along their different categories. We have the EVA foam that goes best with luxury products. Then, we have soft foam that is the perfect choice for delicate products. Such kinds of inserts always add a cushioning effect to the products.


Customized flip top boxes styles with add-on features to enhance representation

Our team works to bring uniqueness and creativity to the custom boxes. We make sure the little customization features can boost the packaging boxes’ presentation and outlook. We work with innovative ideas that could uplift how the custom made flip top boxes would appear. Some of those add-on features include the choice of colored silk ribbons. We wrap the silk ribbons around the boxes. We also use solid-colored silk bows on the side panels of the boxes.

In addition, you can make the luxury packaging more attractive by opting for gold or silver foil stamping. These foil stamping options highlight any printed text, logo, or label on the boxes. You can explore more of these features by just visiting us at

Personalized flip top boxes printed with different finish options 

The finishing techniques help to boost the visual appeal of the rigid boxes. By printing the boxes with premium finishes, you can make your product stand out and get the maximum attention. Sometimes, we go along the metallic finish to make the overall packaging look alluring.

A soft touch finish produces a soft and smooth touch to the custom printed flip top boxes. Usually, we recommend such a finish for packaging expensive products. Then, we have the spot UV finish that enhances the glossy effect on the varnish surface of the boxes. So the choice of selecting the finishes depends upon the preferences of our clients.

We make sure our packaging solutions are always cheap and affordable for you. Our tailor-made solutions for the boxes are always considered and up to the requirements of our clients.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company understands the necessity of customized solutions for product packaging. So, for this reason, we follow up on the designs, prints, and color schemes that trend in the market. You will be amazed to find our boxes economical and budget-friendly.


Can you make small-sized custom flip top boxes?

We can manufacture custom dimensions for the boxes.

Do you offer wholesale rates for custom presentation boxes?

Yes, we are a wholesale manufacturer and offer wholesale box rates.