Custom Rigid Catalog Boxes designed with attractive printing

Our company understands that the presentation for the catalog packaging is the most crucial element. For this purpose, our experts show great expertise in designing the Custom Rigid Catalog Boxes most beautifully. We use versatile color schemes to print on these boxes. Sometimes, we go along with color schemes chosen by our clients.

We usually print brief information about the client’s company or the product details. Our offset printing technique produces high-resolution prints on rigid boxes. These printed labels allow customers to quickly know the product details and convince them of the brand they are looking forward to. Our experts look for distinctive prints, including attractive graphics and illustrations that instantly amaze customers.


Custom printed Rigid Catalog Boxes manufactured with extra durability

With the rigid boxes, we deliver maximum durability to the product packaging. We provide sturdy and hard boxes to hold and carry the product appropriately. Such packaging we manufacture is perfect for luxury products like your premium catalogs. Our experts manufacture hard, personalized Rigid Catalog packaging to prevent the product from getting exposed to external pressure.

Our boxes undergo several quality inspections and tests to ensure each has the same quality. We usually add a waterproof finish on the boxes to prevent them from getting exposed to water and damaging the product.

We can place different inserts in these boxes for extra durability features. We have the EVA foam insert, soft foam, and corrugated inserts. Every insert we choose has different specifications that deliver distinctive strength to the products. All these inserts hold the catalog in their fixed positions.

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Customized Rigid Catalog Boxes designed with versatile personalization features

A touch of customized features can uplift the appearance of the boxes and make them look alluring. We let you have the most luxurious type of custom-made Rigid Catalog Boxes. Our experts opt for different types of finish to create premium quality packaging.

We work with different finish techniques, each with a unique presentation along the features. The most luxurious type of finish is the metalized finish. As the name of this finish suggests, it includes a metallic touch to the boxes. A metal finish looks elegant and classy touch. Then, we have the soft touch finish. Such a finish produces a soft touch to the outlook of the packaging boxes. Usually, such a finish is perfect for the packaging of exclusive catalogs.

A spot UV finish can produce a glossy effect on the vanished surface of the boxes. You can select it for the expensive product packaging. You can check out the other customized features we offer you.

Why choose us?

Our company provides exclusively printed, premium quality, and sturdy rigid boxes. Our experts are always into showing great creativity by working on top-notch machines. We always opt for innovative styles in packaging to exhibit uniqueness in the personalized Rigid Catalog Boxes. You will always find our solutions cheaper and more affordable.


Can I add more than one customized feature to the Custom Rigid Catalog Boxes?

Yes, you can select multiple features of customization.

Do you offer a bulk quantity of Custom Rigid Catalog Boxes?

Yes, we can produce the boxes in bulk quantity.