Custom Rigid Candle Boxes Designed With The Most Appealing Outlook

The overall presentation of candle packaging is a scale that determines whether customers choose your brand for purchase. Our experts know the importance of making the packaging attractive to attract customers’ attention to your products. So we designed the Custom Rigid Candle Boxes with the most attractive features for the candles.

We ensure great creativity through the designs and prints we produce on the boxes. Sometimes, a blend of colors could uplift the appearance of the boxes. Our designers design distinctive patterns on the boxes to inspire customers.


Custom-made Rigid Candle Boxes manufactured in versatile styles 

The ordinary and standard packaging boxes are not attractive. So, we enhance the versatility of the boxes by creating distinctive layouts for the customized Rigid Candle Boxes. We have different packaging styles for the types of candles, like the votive, pillar, and tapered. So, you can select the layouts or the styles according to the specific type of candles.

Two-piece box

A two-piece box includes a base box where you can keep the candle and a cover that encapsulates the candle. Such packaging always reflects an excellent level of protection, too. The box’s height and dimensions mainly depend upon the size of the candles.

Tuck-end boxes

The tuck-end style is a distinctive representation of the candle boxes. It comes with flaps that tuck in when customers fold them. The box only opens when customers try to open it.

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Die-cut Rigid Candle Boxes with window to enhance product visibility

Whether you want the packaging for a single candle or multiple candles, we can design the boxes to maximize their visibility. Our custom Rigid Candle Boxes with window are designed with window cut design made from transparent PVC sheet. The sheet lets anyone peek at the product without opening the packaging.

Opt for such packaging if you want your product to get the maximum sales. Our rigid packaging is hard and sturdy with the addition of hard sheet windows that don’t easily bend even if external pressure is applied. You can get the window carvings in any shape you like to have. Our experts use a waterproof finish to prevent the candles from getting exposed to water.

Customized Rigid Candle packaging with premium features to present it as gifts

Our company can transform the standard packaging into something premium and luxurious with rigid boxes. We are the creativity experts who work with the different finish types to produce a luxury effect to the boxes. A metal finish has a metallic effect on the personalized Rigid Candle boxes and makes them attractiveThen, spot UV produces a glossy effect on the varnished surface of the boxes. In addition, the soft touch finish reflects expensive packaging.

To make the boxes look more alluring, we can let you have the colorful and printed silk ribbons for wrapping the boxes.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company promises you economical and cheaper rates compared to the market. You will get versatile customization offers for the boxes we design and manufacture. Follow our site to explore more features related to it.


Can I get the Custom Rigid Candle Boxes at wholesale rates?

Yes, we are the wholesale manufacturer of the packaging boxes.

Can I place an individual order for the Custom Rigid Candle Boxes?

Yes, you can place an order for any number.