Custom Window Boxes are the ideal way to present the products

Custom window boxes are the most attractive way of representing your products to your audience. Do you know why? That’s because customers can directly view and see what the product looks like. It gives them the feeling of satisfaction about the product they want to purchase.

Our designers are well equipped with the latest and top-notch machinery in designing, printing, and carving those boxes. You will get distinctive and alluring packaging with Custom die-cut window panes in the boxes.


From selecting the shape of the box to its finishing, we allow you to choose all the features by yourself. Windows in the boxes magnify the visualizations of the product no matter how the retail shelves are crowded with other brands.

Window boxes with logo to accelerate your brand sales

Although a window-cut design makes it easier for the customers to visualize your product without opening the box, a logo impression further convinces them of your brand purchase.

We print your brand logo on the window packaging, which helps customers recognize you instantly. Our team puts excellent efforts and focus into boosting your product sales on the retail counter. So, you can break the sales record by opting for our boxes with the logo.

The more customers find your brand, the more it triggers your sales. So, our logo printing also leads to an economical advertisement of your brand.

Window boxes wholesale to cater to every product in the retail section

Every retail product differs in terms of shapes and sizes. So, we critically examine the product packaging needs and then design the corresponding ones.

Adding custom shapes and dimensions to the boxes makes your product packaging stand out, unlike the standard shapes. We take specific dimensions of your products and then carve out the boxes to match them. From covering the apparel section to the food section, our tailor-made solutions expand in this industry. Then the size of the windows that we design matches the overall sizes of the custom window box packaging. 

So choose our window-style boxes to enable the long-term branding of your brand. Visit to explore more about them.

Window-printed boxes with various customizations 

Our team works in the customization field according to our client’s requirements. We ensure to personalize the boxes with various printing options, material selection, window pane, colors, finishing, etc.

Our printing services allow you to select offset printing and lithography printing. Our color selection primarily depends on our client’s demand, and sometimes we add colors according to an upcoming event to generate more sales of your products.

Our team and experts show great importance to the material selection of the boxes. We can go with lightweight boxes to lavish ones.

We have finishing options that can make your die-cut window boxes unique. Matte finishing lets the boxes have a true blend of colors, while glossy finishing promotes a shiny effect. Other than that, foil stamping can deliver the most premium features to these boxes.

Why choose us?

We have the most creative and durable packaging solutions for your products. You can share the specifications, and we will provide the tailor-made boxes.


What is a custom window box?

It is a box with a window of plastic sheets that allows the user to view the product inside the boxes.

Do you offer variable window sizes for the custom window boxes?

Yes, the window size mainly depends on how much visibility your products require. Then, we design accordingly.