Custom wax boxes are manufactured to ensure the protection of the product

Being a specialized custom packaging company, we show great expertise in designing custom wax boxes with premium quality. Customers are always disappointed when they receive a broken, leaking, or damaged wax. So, our experts ensure the packaging we choose can bear the external pressure from the environment and doesn’t easily deform.

At every process of manufacturing the boxes, we have a quality inspection test performed by our team. Sometimes, we encourage our clients to get the cardboard inserts for the packaging. With inserts, the product gets locked in a fixed position, preventing it from being displaced.


Custom printed wax boxes printed with essential labels for user convenience

We know that most customers are interested in impulsive shopping, so they immediately shop whenever they find their required product. If you want customers to choose your brand, then make the packaging in a way that gets instant attention. Our team is particular about printing the essential details required for the customer to know about the wax.

For example, we print the type of wax, suitable skin, usage instructions, preventive measures, expiry or manufacturing date, and labels like these. When the personalized printed wax packaging includes such labels, customers easily choose your product no matter how crowded is the retail counter. We use offset printing techniques to print the labels most elegantly. You can select the different font sizes and text styles for the printing details.

You can visit to learn more details about the printing labels.

Customized wax boxes designed with the most attractive customizations

Customizations can transform the plain and ordinary packaging boxes into something beautiful and alluring. The enticing custom made wax boxes are the best way to convince customers to buy your products. Our designers and experts deliver the most unique aspects of creativity in designing these boxes. We choose bright colors that instantly captivate customers’ attention. Sometimes, we go along the theme of your brand, but we also appreciate our clients sharing their ideas with us.

The finishing techniques we use are versatile. We selected the matt finish to give the boxes a blended color. Then, we use a glossy finish to make the boxes look shiny. Other than these two, we have the supremacy of spot UV finish that delivers a shiny effect to the varnished surface of the boxes. You can foil stamping with gold or silver to deliver the premium effect to the packaging.

Embossing and debossing are two other finish options that could uplift and enhance the boxes’ text, illustration, or graphics. You can choose as many options for customization as you want to have. We are always here to fulfill your requirements for designing the boxes.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company efficiently provides the best designs for customized wax packaging. We have versatile layouts for the boxes to make your product look distinctive. We have tailor-made specifications that let us design the boxes with the same dimensions as the products.


How long will it take to deliver the custom wax boxes?

It can take days to weeks for shipment to arrive.

Can I add a window to the custom wax boxes?

Yes, we can design for you the window cut boxes.