Custom THC Oil Boxes designed and printed with beautiful colors

Do you need help with the sales of your THC oil product? Then we have a perfect solution to boost the sales of your product. Our Custom THC Oil Boxes are designed to impress and inspire customers to purchase the product immediately. We work specifically on the color selection and choose the colors that are bright and attractive. Sometimes, we go along with your brand’s theme color or ask our clients to share their preferences.


Our designers show great expertise in providing you with the most creative and alluring designs for the packaging. The prints we choose are unique in all aspects and instantly captivate customer attention. We work with top-notch printing machines to print high-definition colors to the boxes through the offset printing technique.

Die-cut THC Oil Boxes with window to enhance the visibility of the product

When your product is kept on the retail shelf, it might not get the spotlight and need more sales. However, we understand that your packaging needs to be prominent, so we design window cuts to the boxes. A window with transparent PVC sheets allows customers to sneak through the packaging. Our experts can carve variable sizes and dimensions for the window according to our client’s requirements.

When customers come across a window cut design, they will likely get the product immediately as it is visible to them. Mostly, we add a waterproof finish to Custom THC Oil Boxes with window to prevent water from exposing the product. Our efficient die-cut machines can cut the boxes and the windows to the specifications. You can explore more ideas about the window shapes by visiting

Custom THC Oil Boxes with logo to maximize the branding of your product

Your brand’s logo is no less than an identity symbol of the brand. Customers might need to remember the product’s packaging, but a logo is always recognized. With the logo, customers develop trust in your brand and easily associate with it. We implement specialized technology in designing and printing a logo similar to your brand’s original logo.

Customized THC Oil Boxes with logo can add value to the branding of your product. We use similar colors, finishes, sizes, shapes, etc., for designing and printing the logo. We use two popular finish techniques to highlight the logo: embossing and debossing. These two techniques uplift the logo sign and make it prominent. Along with that, we can print your brand name, tagline, or motto too.

Why choose us?

We are a wholesale manufacturer of custom packaging. With unlimited customization options like designs, prints, colors, etc., we add uniqueness to your packaging boxes. Our experts are trained to work on top-notch machines for printing, carving, cutting, and manufacturing the boxes. With our exclusive designs, we can enhance your product visibility. You can order any specifications you want us to add to the boxes.


Can I get an early delivery for the Custom THC Oil Boxes?

Yes, with our express shipment, you can get the boxes within a minimum time.

Do you entertain individual orders for Custom THC Oil Boxes?

Yes, we entertain individual as well as bulk orders.