Custom sleeve boxes achieve every product requirement in the retail industry

The retail shelves are often crowded with so many brands that selecting a single one can take a lot of work. However, with the custom sleeve boxes, you can provide customers with a unique style of packing that convinces them to choose your brand no matter how many others are placed there.

Our packaging solutions cover the retail sector: toys, apparel, medical sector, accessories, etc. The packaging and design promise to make your brand stand out in the competitive market. Customized features help us design, carve, and print the packaging according to your product’s specific needs.


Custom printed sleeve boxes with classy style to the outlook of products

To make the product attractive, we show great expertise in makings its presentation beautiful. Our experts offer a wide range of finishing types that create a difference in the appearance of the boxes.

A matte finish is perfect for packaging that requires saturated and solid colors. It enhances the visibility of your products. A glossy finish produces a shiny effect on the packaging, ultimately promoting a luxurious impact on the products.

A spot UV introduces a transparent varnish due to the ultraviolet light and produces a shiny effect on the boxes. Usually, it spotlights the custom sleeve boxes with logo, brand names, or any other label you want us to print on the boxes.

Custom luxury sleeve boxes with add-on features

The add-on features are a distinctive customization approach that can instantly boost your product’s sales. The features we add to the custom made sleeve boxes are window panes. These window panes in the boxes allow products to visualize products completely. Such a strategy helps you elevate the sales of your products without hiring advertisement agencies.

To pack delicate or glass products, we add inserts to the boxes. These inlays help keep the product fixed to its specific position without displacement.

Custom sleeve packaging versatile styles to make the products look innovative

Innovation comes when we add variety in styles of these boxes. Every sleeve box we design has unique features that make the overall packing impressive. For more information, you can visit

Drawer style box

It consists of two parts; a drawer and a sleeve. Products get placed in the drawer, and the sleeve encapsulates over it. Sometimes, we add a ribbon loop or a carved side to make the handle for opening the box.

Thick wall box

Such packaging includes a bottom box to have thick edges. This design helps to keep heavy or bulky products safe during shipment.

Thin wall box

This style of box we design includes the bottom box to have thin edges. You can pack the lighter products as it is much more spacious than the thick wall style.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company opens up the versatile features of customization of the packing. From the material selection to the finishing and printing styles, you can choose any feature you like.


Can I get reasonable rates for the custom sleeve boxes?

We provide wholesale rates that let you bear the minimum packaging cost.

Do custom sleeve boxes promise safety to the products?

Yes, we design the boxes with durable material that ensures the safety of the products.