Custom serum boxes designed with attractive features to uplift the sales of products

Skincare products always need CBD boxes to make them look more presentable. We show expertise in fulfilling the requirement of packaging for the serums. Our custom serum boxes have no match because of the attractive features we add to them. The experts at our company can design and select unique prints and colors for the boxes.

We work on top-notch technology to exhibit the most alluring results for the boxes. Attractive and distinctive packaging always captivates customers’ interest, making them more likely to purchase from your brand.


Custom-made serum boxes are manufactured along the fitting of the products

What if a product’s packaging is loose or tight, producing the risk of the product getting damaged? In such a situation, when customers receive a broken bottle of serum, would they trust you anymore? No, such packaging is not worth satisfying and can only prevent your brand from achieving its desired sales. We, the experts in packaging, provide you with the best-fitted customized serum packaging boxes that are always according to the size of the products.

Our team of experts knows that every different quantity of serum requires distinctive packaging. Our innovative and high-end die-cutting machines can produce custom sizes for the boxes that reflect the product’s dimensions. We primarily use cardboard inserts to pack the delicate glass bottles to prevent them from displacing off a fixed position. With the inserts, we ensure a maximum protection layer is provided to these bottles. You can find more variety in the insert type and packaging boxes by clicking on

Custom serum boxes with logo designed to represent your brand 

The logo is an essential element for branding of your products. Your brand logo is an identity that customers use to recognize your brand when your product is placed on the crowded retail counter. We print the logo on the boxes with the same colors, finish, and size.

The serum packaging boxes with logo can easily uplift the sales of products because customers believe that such packaging always refers to a branded product. It can prevent you from spending money on advertising agencies because a brand’s logo does the same marketing job. We also print your brand name, motto, or tagline on the boxes.

You can choose a variety of finish techniques for delivering a premium effect to the packaging of the boxes. Embossing and debossing can highlight the printed logo or any other details. The matte finish produces rich colors on the boxes. The Glossy finish delivers a shiny effect to the serum boxes. A spot UV finish introduces a glossy effect to the varnished surface of the boxes. You can choose any of these.

Why choose us?

Our high-quality custom printed serum boxes deliver great sturdiness to the serum bottles. We can design these bespoke boxes in any style, color, design, print, layout, etc. We always encourage our clients to share with us the details of their requirements so that we can provide them with the best packaging solutions.


Can I place an order for an individual custom serum box?

Yes, you can order any number of the boxes you like.

Do you have custom shapes for the custom serum boxes?

Yes, we have the custom shapes for the boxes.