Custom pre-roll boxes are manufactured to keep the freshness of the product safe

Smoking includes a variety of types, one of which is the pre-roll. Smokers are always looking for the best quality products. We recommend you choose the most stylish and attractive custom pre-roll boxes that could impress customers on the first attempt. The CBD boxes we design are manufactured with supreme quality material that keeps the product safe and maintains the pre-rolls freshness.

If customers have a bad taste for the pre-rolls, they likely won’t make another purchase from you. So, for this reason, our quality inspection team is always there performing several tests for the quality at each stage of manufacturing the boxes. We ensure that we deliver every box of the same quality.


Custom pre-roll boxes with logo to magnify your brand image

Marketing your product is necessary when you want your brand to excel in its sales. So, to market your brand, we have the custom pre-roll packaging with logo. The logo is a symbol or a sign that is an identity of your brand. According to our experts, a logo printed on the boxes is enough to advertise your product without hiring professional marketing agencies.

Our highly innovative printing machines print out the logo with the best visualizations. Our designers are very creative and can design the logo the same as your brand’s logo. Our specialized team selects similar colors, shapes, and sizes for the logo and looks for the tiniest details, proving it is original.

By figuring out the box logo, customers pay attention to your brand and are more loyal. We usually use embossing, debossing, and foil stamping finishes like that, enhancing the logo’s appearance. Customers are more likely to pick your product when a logo gets the spotlight in the packaging.

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Custom made pre-roll boxes are designed in various types for styling the products

We want to bring innovations to the typical or standard plain boxes because ordinary packaging no longer inspires people about your product. Our designers show mindblowing creativity in designing the different styles for the customized pre-roll boxes and making them stand out in the market.

We design the boxes in cylindrical shapes to give users the convenience of carrying pocket-friendly boxes. The smart cylindrical-shaped boxes look quite attractive. Other than this, we manufacture sliding boxes, which are the perfect way of representing the quantity of the products. We design hinged boxes that offer excellent protection to the pre-rolls and look classy.

Sometimes, the tuck-end packaging is all that our clients need. Although we have a set of pre-made styles for the boxes, we prefer our clients to share their ideas and preferences. It helps us design and manufacture them as our clients want us to.

Why choose us?

We present you with the most affordable rates for custom packaging boxes no matter how many multiple customization features you choose. We can print, carve, manufacture, and finish the boxes with the best details with top-notch machines.


Can I get an urgent order delivery for custom pre-roll boxes?

Yes, you can order from us, which is possible with our express delivery services.

Can I add windows to the custom pre-roll boxes?

Yes, you can get window-designed boxes.