Custom perfume boxes to preserve the delicacy of perfume bottles

Perfumes are a luxury product in the cosmetic products category. Our packaging company understands the importance of protecting delicate glass bottles from damage. For this reason, we design the best custom perfume boxes with sturdy material.

These protective boxes keep the perfume safe and intact. Our die-cut machines allow us to carve the right sizes and even shapes for the perfumes for maximum protection.


Adding inserts further doubles the protection layer for delicate glass bottles. We design custom sizes for the inserts and use different styles of inserts.

Customized perfume boxes with beautiful add-on accessories 

Mostly perfumes are the best product to give as gifts. We, the experts of customized packaging, show great concern regarding the add-on features and accessorize to the boxes. Custom perfume gift boxes could have the most appealing and attractive outlook with the features we add to them.

Wrapping the perfumes with colorful silk ribbons could uplift the presentation of the boxes. Sometimes cute embroidered bows add the next level to the standard packaging. We print them with multi colors to enhance the outlook of perfumes and make them look different.

You can add any feature or accessory you want to deliver a premium effect to packaging. Click on, and dive into the features we introduce.

Custom made perfume boxes with versatile styles

For customer attention, you must choose unique and versatile box styles. We have great capabilities in designing and manufacturing distinctive types of boxes to meet your requirements. We generally update our library with unique styles for personalized perfume boxes. 

If our clients need custom styles of their own, then our team has the expertise to design them in the same way.

Tuck top boxes

The tuck-top boxes maximize the protection of the perfumes. It comes with flaps that behave as a locking system for the boxes.

Two-piece boxes

To make the packaging premium, we introduce you to the two-piece boxes. It enhances the customer’s experience of unboxing the perfumes.

Custom printed perfume boxes with premium display

To outclass the competitors, you must choose features of customization that can make your packaging look luxurious. It is possible with the luxury color selection. Gold or silver colors can greatly affect the packaging outlook. Sometimes we add a foiling finish to the custom perfume packs to make them appear unique.

The matte finish makes the boxes’ color more prominent, which diverts the immediate attention of customers toward your products. A glossy finish, on the other hand, delivers a shiny effect to the boxes and makes them a premium one. Spot UV finish directs a glossy effect to the varnished surfaces and makes the overall packing distinctive.

You can select any finishing technique that you like for your product packaging.

Why choose us?

Our company has great years of experience providing personalized packaging solutions for products. We work on the display and presentation of the boxes and aim to produce high-quality packaging. We easily adapt to the latest technology in designing, printing, and manufacturing these boxes.


Are there specific colors for the custom perfume boxes?

No, you can choose from a wide variety of colors.

Do you offer free shipments for custom perfume boxes?

Yes, we offer free shipment, but it depends on where you want us to deliver the boxes.