Custom ornament boxes with beautiful and colorful prints

Our packaging company understands the necessity of making your packaging look distinctive and attractive. We know occasions are all about decorating with the ornaments. So, for this reason, we design the most colorful custom ornament boxes. Our team of designers chooses exclusive prints for the boxes that enhance the uniqueness of your product.

From color selection to hues and saturation to the intensity of colors, we work greatly on visualization of these boxes. We ensure the printing we do delivers high-resolution results on the packaging. Sometimes, we go along with the graphics trending in the market. However, we appreciate our clients sharing the ideas, designs, and prints, they want us to produce on the packaging


Custom printed ornament boxes with embellishments and add-on features

We want your packaging boxes to appear different from the others, so we work on making them look stylish. Our experts have great expertise in choosing the perfect add-on features to make the packaging premium. Sometimes, ribbons, silk strands, printed bows, beads, or embellishments uplift the appearance of the printed ornament box packs. 

These features enhance how the packaging appears and boost the sales of your products. Customers who come across beautifully created embellished boxes are more likely to purchase. Such little enhancements add a significant impact on the boxes. Sometimes, we add inserts to specify the storage position for every item packed in the boxes.

You can visit to glimpse other features we add to these boxes.

Custom made ornament boxes styled in different types 

Following the typical shapes or the ordinary box layout might not highlight your product when placed on the retail counter. We work on adding distinctiveness to the outlook of these customized ornament boxes. Our experts follow innovative styles for the boxes; sometimes, we prefer to choose what’s trending in the market.

From designing and manufacturing the custom shapes for the boxes, we design the boxes in different types.

Two-piece box

A two-piece box is an effective representation of ornaments. It lets users have a great unboxing experience with these boxes.

Sliding boxes

If you want your customers to have a memorable experience with your products, then get our premium personalized ornament boxes. Customers will love the smooth sliding experience of opening the drawers to unbox the products.

Folding boxes

To deliver maximum safety to the ornaments, we designed these folding boxes. The flaps of the boxes get locked, and customers can secure the ornaments.

Custom ornament boxes with window for maximum visibility of products

Our window-designed boxes are a fantastic way to represent your products nicely. We ensure the windows we carve for the boxes fit in completely. These windows let the customer see the product quickly and win their satisfaction about the products.

Why choose us?

With years of designing and manufacturing custom boxes, we aim to deliver the best packaging experience to you. Our customized features will let your products get the most favorable recognition by the consumer market. You can add different features when we design the boxes so that your product looks distinctive and attractive.


Can I place a bulk order for custom ornament boxes?

Yes, you can place individual and bulk orders, too.

Can I add a glossy finish to the custom ornament boxes?

Yes, you can have a glossy finish to produce a shiny effect on the packaging.