Custom gift card boxes designed to delight your customers with coupon cards

If you are running an ecommerce business and want to develop a strong customer relationship, then we have something to introduce you to. Custom gift card boxes are the most affordable yet attractive way to stay connected with your customers. We know customers are delighted when they receive such cute packed coupons for gifts.

These customized boxes can help you uplift the sales of your brand. The more customers get inspired by your packaging, the more they will show interest in purchasing from your brand. You can look up at our site and view the amazing customized features we offer you. Our experts bring innovations in the traditional way of packing the cards.


Custom gift card boxes with logo for marketing your brand

The logo is your brand’s identity symbol; customers greatly associate with it. When designing and manufacturing these gift card packaging boxes, we print your brand logo. Our team puts great effort into emphasizing your brand logo. We highlight the brand logo with the perfect finishing techniques like embossing and debossing. With the help of the techniques, your logo gets the maximum spotlight.

Our designers are skilled people who can easily design the logo the same way your brand has. When customers receive a box stuffed with gift cards, develop a strong bond with your brand.

Customized gift card boxes styled with unique features of customization

Our experts want your packaging boxes to appear distinctively, and for this reason, we work on the styling of these boxes. With our creative mindset, we aim to produce innovations to the boxes by manufacturing them in different styles. The custom made gift card boxes we design are unique and beautifully carved out.

Sometimes, we design them with inserts made with cardboard. These inserts let the cards stay at their fixed positions. We usually design them with pockets so the cards are not easily displaced. Silk ribbons, bows, and embellishments further make the boxes attractive. Customers love to receive such types of packaging.

Occasionally, we print the boxes with a color theme that matches the event’s theme. For example, on Christmas, we print the boxes with red and white color prints. These little variations make your brand stand out in the market.

You can visit to view the details of these features.

Personalized gift card packaging manufactured with high-quality material

Our customized packaging is the best way to showcase your product. We choose high-quality materials to manufacture the boxes and promote sturdiness features. Our quality inspection team performs various tests to test the quality of the customized gift card box packs. You can have different materials selected for these boxes.

Why choose our packaging company?

Spending years in customized packaging, we produce the best tailor-made boxes that meet your requirements. Our team designs the packaging with innovative designs and illustrations to amaze our clients. We bring expectations to reality in delivering professionalism through our custom packaging.


Can you share the sample of custom gift card boxes?

Yes, after designing the first order of samples, we share them with our clients.

Do you have custom gift card boxes at wholesale rates?

Yes, we are a wholesale custom packaging company.