Custom nail polish boxes designed with charming colored prints

As you know, nail polish is one of the common cosmetic products available in the market, and various brands are producing it. In such a competitive situation, you require unique packaging that lets your brand stand out. We provide you with an amazing collection of custom nail polish boxes. 

Our packaging boxes come with beautiful prints that allure the boxes greatly. Our designers can design creative and beautiful designs or patterns that get printed with highly innovative printing machines. We keep on updating the printed designs that are trendy. If our clients want us to design or print the artwork they share, we can provide them with the same prints.


Custom made nail polish boxes printed with descriptive labels

Labeling is essential for cosmetic products, specifically to help people know the details about the product. We can print labels like ingredients, how to use the product procedure, color name, manufactured by, manufacturing or expiration dates, etc, on the boxes. It lets customers know in detail about the product.

Sometimes, a printed shade on the custom printed nail polish boxes can uplift your product’s sales. Do you know how? That’s because without opening or testing the nail polish, they would know its color. Eventually, it results in boosting the sales of your brand product.

You can visit us at and find more ideas regarding the labeling of products.

Custom nail polish packs manufactured with quality material and inserts for maximum protection

The glass-made nail polish bottles could easily get knocked or damaged if the packaging is not worth holding them properly. For this reason, we specialize in selecting the best raw material for personalized nail polish packaging. With high-quality material, we offer great durability to these delicate nail polish glass bottles.

Sometimes we add card or paper inserts to hold the product upright and prevent it from displacing from its fixed position. It maximizes the protection layer of the products. Our packaging undergoes several tests for quality assurance; we only finalize our product.

Customized nail polish boxes designed with premium finish

Differentiating the gel or matt nail polishes with the glittery shades is now possible with our finishing techniques. For instance, a gel or matt shade nail color could have a matte finish. The outlook of the boxes has a solid color display that helps people identify matt shades.

For shimmery shades, we select glossy finishing. This type of finishing adds a glossy effect to the personalized nail polish boxes. With these finishing techniques, we can produce the most enticing product packaging.

Why choose us?

Our company is renowned in the field of customized packaging. We have the expertise to create unique and beautiful packing boxes for your products. Our tailor-made sizes and shapes for the boxes add style to them. Our dedicated team works with top-notch printing and carving machines to manufacture the best packaging for you.


Can I get custom nail polish boxes at wholesale rates?

We manufacture and deliver wholesale packaging boxes at cheap rates.

Can you add windows to the custom nail polish boxes?

Yes, we can add window panes to these boxes for maximum visibility of the products.