Custom lipstick boxes are the perfect branding tool

In the competitive cosmetics market, it can be challenging for a brand to produce successive sales. However, we want you to have the maximum sales of your lipsticks by designing beautiful custom lipstick boxes. Our packaging not only adds glam to the outlook of lipsticks but makes the perfect branding tool.

With our highly innovative machines, you get professionally carved and printed boxes. Our logo-printed boxes can give your products the best advertising. Instead of investing in advertising, a logo lets people recognize your brand. Such packaging inspires people to select your brand no matter how crowded the retail shelf is with the brand.


Custom made lipstick boxes with sturdy material for maximum protection

We manufacture custom lipstick packaging boxes with different raw materials. Every selected material offers a unique level of durability and sturdiness to them. Customers receiving a damaged or broken product will break their trust in your brand. They might be reluctant to purchase from your brand again. For this reason, our quality inspection team tests the boxes’ quality at every production stage. It lets us deliver supreme quality packaging.

Customized lipstick boxes a display of customized features

The use of a variety of customized features can boost your product’s appearance to a wide audience. Printing lipstick swatches on the back lid of the box can let customers know what shade of lipstick they will purchase without even testing the color.

We can print the shade number for user convenience. We can print the ingredients, expiration date, and lip color names on the boxes to let customers know the details about the product.

To differentiate glossy lipstick from matt one, we use similar finishing to differentiate them. For matte colors, we use the matte finish. It delivers a solid color to the packaging and makes it unique. We use a glossy finish for the gloss shades that produce a shiny effect on the personalized lipstick boxes. 

Custom lipstick boxes packs with distinctive styles to make your packaging unique

Our library includes some generic sets of styles in the packaging boxes, but we give our clients a chance to choose the styles they want for the packaging. Our designers put great effort into designing the different types of boxes, which are later manufactured through efficient die-cut machines.

Our die-cut lipstick boxes with window are the most stylish way to display your product. We chose different sizes for the carved window panes to maximize the visual appearance of the products in a much-defined way.

You can opt for other styles like folding boxes, tuck-top boxes, tray boxes, etc. For more styles, visit

Why choose us?

Our packaging company offers a wide range of customizing features that could enhance the visibility and display of your products. We have the most economical rates that our clients can easily afford. Our clients can share the designs and styles they want us to make, and we will offer them tailor-made solutions according to their requirements.


Do you offer custom lipstick boxes at wholesale rates?

Yes, we provide the packaging boxes at wholesale rates.

Can you add my brand logo to the custom lipstick boxes?

We can print your brand’s logo on the boxes with high-resolution printing.