Custom mailer boxes designed with stylish flair features


To make the products of a brand unique, we typically work on the customized packaging for the products. Our custom mailer boxes are bespoke boxes that are the perfect way of communicating your product with the audience. We choose a series of customized features to enhance how your product appears.

Our top-notch printing and carving machines are enough to entertain the requirements our clients wish us to fulfill. Not only do we look into the sizes of the boxes but also their layouts, color schemes, finish touches, patterns and prints, etc.


Custom mailer boxes with logo for the branding of your products

The demand for logo-printed packaging boxes spikes with the number of brands emerging in the competitive market. A logo is the best marketing tool for the branding. Our designers have the specialty to design the logo in a similar way your brand originally has.

The custom made mailer boxes with logo prints let customers easily recognize your brand. No matter how crowded the market is with the brands, a logo will convince customers to purchase your brand. We usually add the embossing and debossing finish to the logo print to highlight it. You can choose wherever you want us to print the logo. Along with the logo, we make sure your brand name also gets the maximum visibility.

Customized mailer boxes available with various finish touches and features

A plain mailer box is no more appealing, so we choose to print a variety of finishes to the boxes. Usually, we work along the three unique types of finishes. For example, if you want your product to get the maximum recognition, then a matte finish is what you require. Such a finish enhances the solidifying colors of the personalized mailer boxes. The printed colors have the maximum saturation with a matte finish.

The next finish to discuss is the glossy finish. A glossy finish causes the boxes to have a shiny effect. Such a finish goes best along the luxury and premium products. So, for the expensive products, you can choose this type of finish. The spot UV finish is another, producing a glossy effect on the varnished surface of the boxes.

For the gift packaging, along with finish touches, we typically encapsulate the boxes with colorful and printed ribbons. The silk or cloth ribbons result in delivering exclusive packaging to the products. You can even let us use the colorful cute bows around the boxes to make the packaging more enticing; for more features, visit

Why choose us?

You will get a variety of custom features to explore on our site. We specialize in manufacturing custom printed mailer boxes for the needs of your products. Our packaging is durable and hard and keeps the products safe.


Can I get the product labels printed on the custom mailer boxes?

Yes, you can get printed any information about the product on these boxes.

Do you offer wholesale rates for the custom mailer boxes?

We are a wholesale manufacturer of custom boxes and offer wholesale rates.