Custom hemp oil boxes printed with well-descriptive labels

What is an ideal way of communicating with your customers about hemp oil? According to our experts, the best way to address customers about the product is to use descriptive labels for the custom hemp oil boxes. These labels could include details about oil usage, benefits, expiration date, quantity, etc. Such details are beneficial for them to understand the product without opening the packaging box.

With highly innovative printing techniques like offset printing, we print these details. We print high-quality and high-resolution prints that grab customers’ attention immediately. Let us print any essential detail that could be helpful for the customers.


Custom hemp oil boxes with logo designed to market your product

Get the brand logo printed on your packaging boxes to win customers’ trust in your brand. Our designers make sure to design the same logo as your brand has. We know that logo is not only a brand identity but also something that grabs customers’ attention rapidly for your brand. They will select your brand by figuring out the hemp oil packaging with logo.

The logo we print undergoes some unique finish techniques to make it look more enhanced and magnified. Sometimes, embossing and debossing could uplift the logo’s appearance and make it look more prominent when displayed on the retail counter.

You could get these logos printed on any side of the boxes, but we recommend printing them on the top or front panel. For more description, visit

Customized hemp oil boxes carved in perfect sizing and custom shapes

We want your product to get the maximum recognition and attention when placed on a crowded retail shelf. The customized shapes for the packaging of hemp oil can create a difference in the outlook of the product. Such packaging always persuades people to buy the product immediately. Our team first recorded all the measurements of the different qualities of hemp oil bottles. After this, we start designing the personalized hemp oil packaging boxes. 

Our experts use top-notch die-cutting machines to carve out the specific dimensions of these boxes. We make sure the packaging we manufacture can completely fit in the product. If there are risks associated with the leakages of the product, then we use inserts. The cardboard inserts we design are always according to the hemp oil bottle dimensions. We chose the different layouts for the inserts; some are holder types while the others are like casing. Such inserts multiply the protection of these bottles and earn customer satisfaction.

Usually, we design the tuck-top boxes for these products. However, we give our clients free to choose whichever type of layout they prefer for the product packaging.

Why choose us?

We are here to help you out regarding the customization of the packaging boxes. Everything is under your control and selection, from tailor-made specific dimensions to the illustration. You can choose the versatile personalization features to make your product win the competitive market.


Can I get the custom hemp oil boxes at wholesale rates?

Yes, we are a wholesale custom packaging manufacturing company, and you can place an order here.

Can I add a window to the custom hemp oil boxes?

Yes, you can get window panes inserted in the packaging.