Custom hand sanitizer boxes labelled to communicate your brand message

Custom hand sanitizer boxes are crucial when delivering your brand’s message. Customers can get attracted to your products if they find the packaging properly labeled. Our company has spent years in the field of personalized packaging solutions, and we understand this aspect very much.

The labeling we do on these boxes is a true example of what your product is about. We implement high-resolution printing that can add prominence to the product description. From your brand’s tagline to product usage and from its ingredients to fragrance, we define everything through its labels.


Customers might need more time to make a selective decision, but with a well-descriptive label, they can eventually make a successful purchase.

Customized hand sanitizer boxes designed with versatile customizations

We have various customization features that can magnify your product’s outlook. Our printing techniques and graphics include eye-catching resolutions. The colorful printed hand sanitizer boxes are worth investing in. We provide you offset printing technique that will create attractiveness in your packing.

We have some finishing techniques that include matte and glossy effects. Both effects produce different visualization of the packaging. With a glossy effect, you can enhance the premium outlook for the boxes. At the same time, the matte finish defines a high-resolution solid color effect.

Our custom stickers can further add distinctiveness to the boxes. We design creative, high-quality stickers that attract customers to choose your products. Sometimes, the sticker might include a logo, and sometimes it conveys a message like germ-free, safe hands, etc. You can contact us at and address us with your requirements.

Custom made hand sanitizer boxes available in variable shapes and sizes

Sizes and dimensions for the custom hand sanitizer boxes are important in keeping the product safe. The experts at our company are very particular when it comes to the tailor-made sizes. We use high-tech cutting machinery to carve out the exact product dimensions.

Although we have standard and generic boxes, we prefer you to get customized ones. A custom box will keep the sanitizers safe during their shipment. Along the rectangular boxes, we have custom shapes for the packaging boxes. Customized shapes are more attractive than the standard ones and can boost the sales if customers like them.

Personalized hand sanitizer boxes packs for presenting them as gifts

Our premium packaging has exclusive add-on features that can act as special gifts for customers. We show great elements of creativity by designing them. Our boxes include colorful printed ribbons, bows, etc. Such embellishments can let customers have a preference for your hand sanitizers.

Why choose us?

From quality to style and prices to printing, we are the best service providers for hand sanitizer packaging. Our team of experts implements innovative and trendy designs in the market. Our bespoke boxes show that we always follow our client’s design imagination.


Can custom hand sanitizer boxes have windows?

Yes, we have designed window-cut boxes for that hand sanitizers. We insert transparent plastic sheets of different sizes into the boxes.

Which material do you use for manufacturing custom hand sanitizer boxes?

We sometimes use Kraft and cardboard material for the boxes. Kraft material provides a recycling feature to the packing, and cardboard promotes strength to the boxes.