Custom foundation boxes with versatile shapes and dimensions

Every foundation comes in different shapes; some are liquid glass bottles and others powder type. The packaging of every foundation shall differ from others, so you need to hire our packaging company. The custom foundation boxes we design perfectly match your product requirements. From the size of the foundation to what shape it comes, we cater to every requirement.

Our experts use innovative die-cut machines that allow us to carve any shape or size for these boxes. With specialized tools, we make sure the product completely fits in the packaging. If the packaging seems a bit loose or we want to maximize the protection, we add cardboard inserts. These inserts define the proper position where the product is kept. Your product won’t be displaced from this position, and it ensures the complete safety of the products.


Custom printed foundation boxes with well-described labels

Our experts are very particular about selecting the right information for your product display. So, we make sure to print the details regarding the foundation on the personalized foundation packaging. The important detail to print is the foundation type; is it liquid or powder? Such information lets customers know about the product before purchasing. We mention the application of foundation for the type of skin. By reading, customers can pick the product according to their skin type.

Other details include the expiry and manufacturing date. Or even the shade of foundation, which would let them choose the right shade easily. These little details save their time in making a buying decision about the product. Eventually, a quick buying decision can boost the sales of the foundation.

Custom foundation boxes with logo for magnifying brand image

Brand name and logo matter a lot to customers. We put great emphasis on enhancing the brand image, so we offer you some custom features regarding the boxes. Our personalized foundation boxes with logo are an effective way to promote your brand in the market. We use high-tech printing techniques like offset printing to print the logo with high-resolution results.

Our designers design the logo as the carbon copy of the original logo of your brand. A logo helps customers identify the brand no matter how overcrowded a retail shelf is with other foundation brands. Somehow, packaging with a logo affects your product sales. We use both embossing and debossing finishing types to highlight the logo. These techniques make your product stand out and give the logo maximum highlight. Our team can guide you if you need assistance designing these boxes.

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Why choose us?

We want to make your product unique in the market to earn the successive sales you want. With customized packaging solutions, you can make your product distinctive in every aspect. Our designers, experts, and the entire team show professionalism in designing and manufacturing the custom made foundation boxes to entertain your product requirements. You can share any tailor-made requirements, like colors, styles, designs, or any other feature you want us to include in the packaging.


Do you have versatile styles for the custom foundation boxes?

Yes, we do have various unique styles for these packaging boxes.

Can you share a sample of designed custom foundation boxes?

Yes, before finalizing the packaging, we let our clients approve the sample and move to further orders.