Custom Eye-liner Boxes made strong to protect the product

Cosmetic products like eye-liner are delicate and can easily break if improperly wrapped. Our packaging company understands the necessity of packing them in the Custom Eye-liner Boxes. We choose the best material to deliver sturdiness and strength to the packaging. Sometimes, we even add the card or paper inserts inside the packaging for double protection of the products.

Our quality inspection team monitors and checks the quality of the manufacturing boxes at every stage of processing. We have set different parameters to gauge the strength of these boxes. No matter how much external pressure affects the boxes, our boxes remain intact and don’t deform.


Custom Eye-liner printed boxes with a detailed description

We make sure that the boxes we print include a detailed description of your product. Such a strategy helps customers pick your product from a crowded retail shelf. A well-described product will likely have more sales than a less descriptive product. For this reason, we use innovative printing techniques like offset printing to produce long-lasting and bold prints.

Eye-liners are generally differentiated by color, stroke thickness, or waterproof feature. We print the shade of eye-liner on the custom eye-liner packaging. The printed sample of stroke thickness on the boxes lets the customer know about it through the packaging. We print the waterproof or smudge-proof label to inform customers of the product’s features.

Personalized eye-liner boxes with printed logos for advertisement purposes

A logo can work like a sales booster for your product sales. That’s because it is an identity sign for your brand and lets customers easily connect with it. Our team prints the custom eye-liner boxes with logo with the original colors and design of the brand’s logo.

We usually use finishing techniques like embossing and debossing to highlight the logo, brand name, or even your brand’s tagline. Such techniques let your product get maximum customer attention. To view more customization features in detail, click on Our experts will further guide you about them.

Customized eye-liner boxes to showcase your products

A window-cut design can add premium effects to the overall packaging for the eye-liners. With years of experience in custom packaging, we understand the necessity of showcasing the products professionally. Our packaging experts know the best way to showcase your product is through the die-cut eye-liner boxes with window. 

The transparent PVC sheets we insert as windows are enough to display the eye-liners inside the packaging. We use high-quality sheets that don’t easily deform even if the boxes undergo external pressure. The windows allow customers to sneak peek through the window. It lets them be satisfied with the product they purchase. From its colors to the quality, they get to see the product. This strategy converts a visitor into your customer immediately.

Why choose our packaging company?

Our packaging company has spent years designing creative and alluring packaging for various industries. We deliver supreme finish to the products by implementing different finishing techniques. Our designers have the specialty to create colorful and distinctive packaging for you. You can find versatile customization features in the boxes we design. We even encourage our clients to add the features they like to the packaging.


How many custom eye-liner boxes can I order?

You can order any number of the boxes as you wish.

Do you offer different styles of custom eye-liner boxes?

Yes, our experts can design different styles for the boxes.