Custom face mask boxes with enticing features of customization

On the retail shelves, your face mask always gets crowded with the other brands and might be unable to convince customers of their purchase. However, our experts know the tactics to design and manufacture custom face mask boxes in a way that easily attracts customers. We understand that in the competitive market, making your product prominent is essential to win successive sales.


Our experts use high-tech machines to print and carve out boxes in various shapes. With creative illustrations, we work on enhancing the display of the boxes. You could add other different features of personalization to make your packaging beautiful.

Custom face mask boxes with logo with your brand trademark

The logo is an essential sign that is more like an identity for your brand. Sometimes remembering the packaging of a specific brand is hard for the customers, but the logo is something they will always remember in their minds. Custom face mask packaging with logo is a tool to advertise your product instead of spending on advertising agencies.

Our designers have great expertise in designing the logo for packaging as the carbon copy of your brand’s original logo. With innovative printing technology, we print logos with highly defined colors. In addition to the logo, we can print your brand name and any tagline or motto.

Custom face mask boxes with windows to make your product visible

What if you want customers to see the product without opening the packaging? We have a personalized face mask pack with window. Such packaging lets customers sneak through the box without the urge to open the product packing.

Our team carves out the specific dimensions for the window that easily fits in the box. We use high-quality PVC sheets for the window panes. Our designed windows are also waterproof and dustproof because of the finishing we add to them. Our product is durable and doesn’t easily deform if external pressure is applied.

You can order different shapes for the windows through

Custom printed face mask boxes with matching colors

To give customers the convenience of finding out their favorite types of masks with specific ingredients, we have a technique that we implement. Our team prints the specific colors for the printed face mask packs that match the face mask’s main ingredient or flavor. It is something that lets customers make a quick purchase for your brand.

Our teams select the colors that are trendy in the market or that coordinate with the theme of your brand. The printing techniques we use are lithography and offset printing. Both techniques produce highly defined results that create attractiveness to the overall display of the boxes.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company provides you with an amazing collection of customized features we offer you. We have expertise in designing and manufacturing attractive and inspiring packaging that immediately attracts customers’ attention. With immediate customers’ attention, there is a high chance that your products achieve the maximum sales.


Do you have different styles for custom face mask boxes?

Yes, we have versatile styles that you can choose from. Other than this, we appreciate our clients who share their ideas for styling these boxes.

Can you add more than one customized feature to the custom face mask boxes?

Yes, we can design the boxes with as many features as you like.