Custom eyeshadow boxes exhibiting the premium strength of the product

The delicate eye-shadows could easily break if you don’t work on their packaging. So, to prevent your product from getting damaged, we present you with the eye-shadow boxes. Our packaging keeps them secure and adds strength to them. Our experts show great expertise in selecting sturdy packaging materials.

Our quality inspection team tests the quality of manufacturing boxes at every stage of their processing. It helps us produce uniform standards and quality for every box we manufacture. We give our clients the choice of selecting any material they want for the packaging.


Custom printed eye-shadow boxes designed with impressive colors and themes

Colors are essential as these get immediate customer attention. We work on selecting colors by following what colors are trending in the market. Our team greatly emphasizes choosing distinctive colors that could make the custom eye-shadow packaging stand out at the retail counter.

Sometimes, we follow the eye-shadow pallet color theme to help customers select their favorite eye-shadows. Coordinating the colors of boxes with the theme of the eye-shadow pallet is a great strategy that not only boosts product sales but also provides users the convenience of choosing the colors they want to have.

Our highly innovative printing machines can deliver high-resolution color prints to the boxes. You can consult our specialists at to get more details about them.

Eye-shadow boxes with logo for the branding of your products

The logo is the symbol that reflects your brand identity. For this reason, we emphasize printing your brand logo on the packaging of your products. The retail shelf is often overcrowded with so many brands that customers need help figuring out our brand. They might need to remember how your product appears or what colors the packaging follows. However, the logo is something they will remember.

Our experts specialize in designing the logo for custom eye-shadow logo boxes as a carbon copy of your brand logo. We print the exact details and colors for the logo to create similarity. Such packaging always encourages customers to choose your brand as they can quickly identify it with the logo. You can ask us to print the logo anywhere you like.

We use different finishing techniques like embossing and debossing to uplift the presentation of the logo.

Die-cut eye-shadow boxes with window to make the product visible

Window-cut boxes create a difference in the outlook of the product. With our top-notch die-cut machines, we can carve the boxes with specific dimensions of the windows. These windows let customers view the product and earn the satisfaction of seeing the product thoroughly before purchasing. So, get designed custom made eye-shadow boxes with windows of any size and let your product win the sales.

Why choose us?

We present you with the most eye-catching designs for the packaging solutions. Our experts share with you the sample of the boxes we manufacture, and after approval, we proceed with the bulk order.


Can I add more than one customized feature for the custom eye-shadow boxes?

Yes, you can add multiple features.

How long does it take to deliver custom eye-shadow boxes?

Our delivery time depends on your location; we could take days to a week.