Custom essential oil boxes manufactured with sturdy material

What do you think, a damaged or leaking essential oil bottle would inspire customers? They might refuse to get the product from the same brand again. We know that customers always look for the boxes they consider sturdy. So, our experts manufacture custom essential oil boxes with the best choice of material. Our CBD boxes can uplift the strength delivered to the products.

Our packaging passes through multiple quality assurance tests to get finalized. Our experts show their skills by carving the boxes with suitable sizes matching the product. The loose or unfit packaging only results in damaging the products. Our boxes further get manufactured according to the quantity of bottles. Every quantity gets packed in a different size of box.


Die-cut essential oil boxes with window designed to enhance the visual appeal of the product

Your product might not have good sales when the retail counter is overcrowded with numerous essential oil brands. We have a custom feature that could let your product gain maximum visibility. It is the windows that we add to the packaging. The custom essential oil boxes with window can display your product to the customers. Without opening the packaging, customers can figure out all the details regarding the product.

This particular strategy helps to reduce their curiosity about the veiled product. Somehow, it boosts the sales of essential oils. The window we design comprises PVC sheets that can be carved into any size or shape according to the packaging. These window panes come with a waterproof finish that prevents the boxes from water exposure and prevents dirt from settling on their surface.

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Customized essential oil boxes designed with multiple styles to create distinctiveness

Our designers and experts work on unique styles for the packaging boxes to make them look different and attractive to the customers. Every style we introduce in the personalized essential oil packaging has a unique layout and features.

Mailer boxes

The mailer boxes we designed could carry the multiple flavors of the essential oils in cascaded form. Customers feel it is convenient to choose their favorite from the multi-flavored packed. Our designers create the boxes to exhibit classy and smart effects to the overall packaging.

Tuck-end boxes

We design the tuck-end boxes to maximize the protection level for the essential oils. These boxes come with flaps that let the customer close the boxes completely. These boxes cannot be opened accidentally until customers themselves open them.

Two-piece boxes

The two-piece boxes we designed include a lid and a carrier box. The essential oils are kept in the carrier box, and the lid encapsulates the box completely. Such packaging offers great convenience to the user for opening these boxes.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company introduces you to the most versatile and creative collection for custom packaging. From our material selection to the printing and finish options, we have a great variety for you. Hire us any moment and elevate your product sales with our customized packaging.


Can I decide on the colors for the custom essential oil boxes?

Yes, we give clients a free hand to select the colors they want us to print.

Do you take bulk orders for custom essential oil boxes?

Yes, we do entertain bulk orders.