Custom E-Liquid Boxes designed with aesthetically appealing colors

In the era of e-cigarettes, customers easily fantasize about the beautifully colorful boxes that appeal to them. Our company specializes in manufacturing custom E-Liquid Boxes with various customization options. We understand that colors are something that grabs immediate customer attention. However, our clients are always encouraged to select the colors they want for the packaging.

So, we want to boost your product sales by printing a similar color on the box with its flavor. For instance, we choose a yellow color if it is a mango flavor. Such a strategy helps customers in their impulsive buying decisions.


Custom made E-Liquid Boxes manufactured with various stock materials for product protection

The e-liquids usually come in plastic or glass bottles that are fragile enough to break away easily. The external pressure during shipment or warehouse storage could damage the bottles. Customers’ trust eventually breaks when they figure out a damaged product. Our team works on adding the tiniest detail that your personalized E-Liquid Boxes require.

We let our customers choose the packaging material. Our experts present you with various materials that could create distinctiveness in the boxes. From the lightweight feature to delivering robust and sturdy features, you can opt for any material. Sometimes, we design cardboard inserts that do this job very well for extra protection. The inserts define a fixed position to prevent the product from displaying in the boxes. We have a variety of sizes and types for the inserts.

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Customized E-Liquid Boxes are designed with versatile customization features

Our experts work with versatile customization features because we know that ordinary and plain packaging is no longer inspiring for customers. The customers might not show interest in finding a product packed in simple white boxes. We can add a class to these customized E-Liquid packaging by selecting customized features like windows.

The window panes we add consist of transparent PVC sheets that give customers a sneak peek of the product. It is a great marketing and selling strategy to earn more sales of your products. The window sizes are crafted according to the product specifications. Sometimes, we add hang tabs to the boxes to make them unique from the rest of the products. These tags deliver a style to the overall packaging.

You can choose different finish options for the boxes. The matte finish promotes the blend of colors and makes the boxes prominent on the retail shelves. The glossy finish introduces a shiny effect to the packaging boxes. Then, the spot UV finish makes the varnished surfaces glossy.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for the most affordable customized packaging solution, then our company provides you with the services you need. We have numerous customization features that make the entire box outlook enticing and make your product different and unique. We let our prestigious clients decide on the specifications they want us to design and manufacture the boxes.


Can I add multiple features of customization for the Custom E-Liquid Boxes?

Yes, you can add the custom boxes as many features as possible.

How long will it take to deliver the Custom E-Liquid Boxes?

Well, the duration depends on your location. However, shipping them to you can take days to a week.