Custom dessert boxes with graphics designs to uplift product presentation

Desserts need no special occasion to delight your mood. With numerous desserts in the market, competition among the brands producing such products always excites. If you are struggling with insufficient successive sales of your products, then we are here to help you. Our custom dessert boxes get designed with numerous customization features to make your product packaging wonderful.

Our designers work on the presentation of the boxes by choosing specific color schemes, creative designs, graphics, and accessories. With these beautifully printed graphics, we can make your product packaging mouth-watering and tempting. Images of baked products like cakes, cookies, creamy pastries, etc., instantly divert customers’ attention toward your products.


Custom die-cut window dessert boxes showcase your product 

According to our experts, the boxes, including windows, earn more sales than those without windows. That is because the custom dessert boxes with windows allow customers to see what and how it is packed in the box. They eventually get satisfied with the purchase of the product that they are going to do.

The windows we carve through our latest die-cut machines produce various shapes to fit the boxes’ shapes. The sizes of windows mostly depend upon our client’s specifications. The window panes we insert are made of high-quality material that can withstand external pressure. It doesn’t easily deform or bend.

Customized dessert boxes with add-on features for premium packaging

To complement the product’s custom packaging, we add various inserts to the boxes. A box encased with a beautifully printed silk ribbon could make the custom gift pastry boxes fascinating. Sometimes the small cute multicolor bows can further enhance the beauty of such gift boxes.

Inserts play an important role in protecting bakery items. We usually add the cardboard inserts to keep the products intact in their fixed positions. We use them to separate one flavor from the other.

Handles for the packing boxes can enhance the appearance of the products. It lets customers easily hold and carry the product without additional packing material.

Custom printed dessert boxes with color-coordinating themes

Occasions and events always demand sweet and delicious desserts. For this reason, we print the packaging boxes with attractive colors. The printing technique that we use include offset printing. These printing techniques allow us to produce highly defined prints.

Dessert packaging boxes get printed with the themes of an upcoming holiday event or any occasion that needs celebration. For instance, we choose red and white colors or any print that reflects Christmas events. Such personalization enhances the appearance of the boxes and persuades people to purchase them.

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Why choose us?

We have a set of generic shapes, dimensions, color themes, graphics, and other features like that in our library. However, we want our clients to share the ideas and designs they want us to make. With our creative team and innovative carving and printing machines, we can design and manufacture the carbon copy of the samples you want us to make.


Is there a limit for the orders of custom dessert boxes?

No, you can place an order for unlimited dessert boxes.

Can I choose specific colors for the custom dessert boxes?

You can select any color you like for the packaging.