Custom Candle Boxes are manufactured to secure the delicacy of candles


Are you looking for professional ways to secure the delicacy of your candles? We have the expertise and experience to design custom candle boxes with complete perfection. We design them in a way that can hold and keep the candles firm and upright, whether their type includes simple candles, glass jars, or tea lights. We have solutions for each type of candle.

Our material selection depends upon your requirements. We offer you Kraft material to make the packaging of tea light candles because these are light in weight. At the same time, we use corrugated material to design the packing of pillar candles or votives. That’s because it offers sturdiness.


Instead of choosing plain or standard boxes, we show creativity while styling the candle packaging. Our company has a complete list of features that we offer our clients for the selection of customized features in packaging. You can contact us whenever you want high-quality packing boxes.

Die-cut candle boxes with window to enhance product visibility

We can introduce you to the perfect feature to get customer attention towards your retail candles. Our window-cut panels are the best way to display these through custom candle packaging. A transparent plastic sheet window gives customers a sneak peek of the votive candles. So, customers get an idea of the outlook of the glass jar holding the candle. For the tea light candles, such windows let them know the number of candles in the box and their sizes through this display.

The window size can reflect the size of the box. We can use a variety of shapes for it that can match the whole box shape. This way, it gives maximum visibility to the customers. They begin taking an interest in the product because of this packing style. Eventually, it aids in boosting candle sales.

Custom candle packaging boxes with logo to enhance the branding

Logo impression is ideal to promote your product in a highly competitive market. We generally design custom candle boxes with logos for the candles. By seeking the logo or even your brand name, customers begin to trust you more.

Our experts use highly defined printing techniques to design the logo. The votives include a logo impression on the bottom end, so we design the packing logo similarly. The same technique of logo printing implies to the other types of candles. You will find it the most effective way to connect your candles with their potential customers instantly.

With our logo printing, your brand needs no additional mode of marketing the candles. Our strategy is a cost-effective strategy for advertising products.

Why opt for our pa

ckaging company?

Our company serves almost every industry in the retail sector. Our custom candle boxes are one of the best approaches to keeping the candle protected and unique. From our printing techniques to the finishing, you will find us distinctive.

To place an order for the boxes, click on Our team coordinates and works according to your requirements and preferences. You can order both individual boxes and bulk quantities at wholesale rates.


Do you offer different types of custom candle boxes?

Yes, we offer different types of packaging boxes for the candles. It includes boxes with lids, tuck ends, drawer-sleeve boxes, etc.

Can custom candle boxes print?

Yes, we can do a variety of printings on these boxes. We have some samples, allowing you to choose whatever prints you want.