Custom eyelash boxes designed with eye-catching designs

Cosmetic products like eyelashes can win successive sales with custom eyelash boxes. The ordinary packaging might no longer be inspiring or attractive to customers. However, with little enacting features, we can make the presentation of boxes alluring.

Our designers creatively design unique artwork and graphics for the boxes. These designs help your product stand out when placed on the retail shelf. We allow our prestigious clients to share the designs they want us to print on the packaging.


Our high-tech graphic tools and machines can deliver the carbon copy of the design you want to get printed on the boxes.

Custom printed eyelash boxes in versatile styles

Our team knows the necessity of creating unique styles for the boxes. Every style that we introduce to you has specific features that make it distinctive in all aspects.

 Two-piece boxes

The two-piece box has a base box to carry the eyelashes and a lid that encapsulates the box. Such packaging allows an easy opening for the boxes.

Tuck end boxes

Our tuck-end boxes come with flaps that help the user to close, just like a lock. It ensures complete protection of the products.

Sleeve boxes

The most exciting style we have is the sleeve boxes. These customized eyelash boxes pack includes a sleeve that wraps around the drawer. The customer can open or close the packaging box with a sliding action.

Besides this, you can check the other styles for the boxes by visiting

Die-cut eyelash boxes with windows to enhance the visibility of the product

Our top-notch die-cutting machines produce the best carving for the window panes’ size and forms. We use high-quality PVC panes to make the windows for the custom eyelash pack with window. Customers are interested to see what the product looks like before purchasing. Our window design would satisfy the customers as they can see the product.

Such a strategy helps your product gets maximum sales within no time. Our designed windows are durable and don’t deform even with external pressure.

Custom made eyelash packaging delivers a high-quality effect on the outlook of products

We choose durable materials when manufacturing personalized eyelash packaging. Our experts have great expertise in working on different materials for the boxes. Our packaging withstands external pressure and prevents the delicate product from getting damaged.

Sometimes for extra protection with we add inserts to hold the product to its fixed positions. The waterproof finishing we use for the packing prevents eyelashes from getting exposed to water. This finish prevents the product from entrapping dust.

Our packaging undergoes quality tests at every stage of processing to deliver the best quality products to our clients. Our client approval and satisfaction are important when finalizing the packaging for you.

Why choose us?

Our packaging company serves every product that falls under the category of the cosmetic industry. With unlimited customization features, we bring diversity to the packaging styles. We specialize in printing pre-made designs and the designs shared by our clients.


How to place an order for custom eyelash boxes?

You can visit our website to place the order and fill in the required specifications we ask for. Our team will further guide you.

Can I add specific colors to the custom eyelash boxes?

You can select the colors you want us to print for the boxes.