Custom cigar boxes with a classy outlook to attract customers


Cigar users can agree that the selection of cigars depends upon the outlook of the custom cigar boxes. Our company specializes in customizing these boxes with numerous features to enhance the presentation of its packaging.

We have adopted high-tech and innovative technology in designing and printing alluring boxes with cigar illustrations. You can make your products stand out and generate remarkable sales through our offered customized packaging. Whatever sizes, layouts, designs, and colors you want to have, you can order.


Custom printed cigar boxes for packaging cigars in the professional style

Whether you want individual packaging for the cigars or you want to have a pack of multiple cigars, we are always there to entertain your requirements. Good packaging is a style and a unique representation of your products.

When placed on retail shelves, your product is more prominent in recognition no matter how occupied the retail shelf is with other brands. You can make your cigars stand out with these distinctive-style cigar packaging boxes. 

Display boxes

Our eye-catching display boxes with multi-colors pop on the retail counters. Customers are easily convinced to select your products with such representation. Multiple cigars get stacked in just a single display box.

Pocket boxes

For packing individual cigars, we introduce pocket boxes. As the name suggests, customers can easily carry lightweight boxes in their pockets due to their portable sizes.

Lid boxes

A lid style enhances the security features of the cigars.

Window cut boxes

Window cut cigar boxes are an appropriate way to add representation to the cigars. With this style, we promote your product visibility.

Custom cigar boxes with logo to accelerate your brand visibility

A logo printed on the boxes of cigars is one of the crucial features that need no negligence. Our experienced designers focus on printing the logo to maximize the customer’s attention toward your brand.

Custom cigar box printing helps to enhance the logo’s appearance on the boxes. Offset and lithography are the best methods to magnify the logo’s display and your brand name. With these printing techniques, we highlight them.

With a logo, you might not need other advertising approaches to market your product. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that one should opt for.

Custom luxury cigar boxes to promote the premium cigars

Unlike ordinary cigars, some special cigars need premium packaging. Customers get inspiration from this type of packaging and could spend an extra amount on it.

Glossy or spot UV finishing are the techniques that can promote customizable cigar boxes most attractively. Both techniques produce a shine on the outlook package. You can even select add-on features like paper inserts, foil stamping, ribbons, etc., to promote the luxurious effect of the packaging.

Why choose us?

We provide you with excellent features of customization that can add a classy look to the boxes of cigars. You can visit to find more features in detail.


How many orders can I place for custom cigar boxes at a time?

You can place bulk orders without any limitations.

Can you print the custom cigar boxes with the colors I select?

Yes, color and any features you want us to add; we can always help you with design.