Custom Chinese takeout boxes with an aesthetic appearance and presentation

To dominate your brand in the food and beverages sector, you shall follow custom packaging rather than ordinary one. We design custom Chinese takeout boxes with the best customization features to make the packing attractive.

Our top-notching printing machines let us print labels, logos, brand names, or taglines with high-resolution results. With offset printing, we spotlight the printed details for your product and make it stand out.


No matter what kind of food you want to pack in these boxes, the spacious, well-designed, and creative packages let you easily accommodate the food. We design them in versatile shapes with numerous colors and sizes to meet your requirements.

Customized Chinese takeout boxes to keep the food fresh

Our designers how significant concerns when designing the packaging for the takeout boxes. From selecting the material to selecting a style, we consider several factors. That’s because soggy food will leave a poor impression on your brand.

Considering the freshness of the food, we use the Kraft Chinese takeout boxes. Such boxes retain the original taste and flavors of food. We ensure these boxes don’t absorb moisture and make the food soggy.

Our quality inspection team performs several quality checks for the packaging before we deliver the packaging boxes. You can visit to learn more about these custom features.

Printed Chinese takeout boxes designed with colorful themes

Custom packaging can elevate your brand sales with a low investment. It is all about branding your product with the most attractive and inspiring features that could enhance the display of the boxes. We can help you by adding exclusive features to the custom printed Chinese takeout boxes. 

You can customize the boxes with a similar theme for an upcoming occasion or a holiday event. It could include eye-catching designs, alluring colors, and creative graphics representing the event’s theme. It is an ideal way to transform customers into your products’ purchasers.

Custom made Chinese takeout boxes with add-on features to exhibit attraction

Your product can be unique if you opt for our add-on customization features. We offer you versatile features that include handles fitted to the boxes. The Chinese food takeout boxes with handles can give customers great convenience to carry the food quickly. We can add paper-crafted or metal handles that look perfect with the boxes.

Our finishing techniques expand to matte, glossy, and Spot UV. A matte finish introduces rich blended colors to the boxes. A glossy finish provides a shiny effect to the packaging. Spot UV includes a varnish that produces a shiny effect with Ultraviolet light.

Embossing and debossing can highlight the labeling or even the printed logo magnify them.

Why choose us?

Our custom Chinese takeout boxes wholesale are the most affordable customized boxes for food packaging. We provide you with supreme quality, creative and alluring boxes to elevate the sales of your brand.

You can get bespoke boxes in various shapes, sizes, and colors that suit your products. Keeping in mind the freshness, we use the best-suited material for packaging.


Can I get the custom Chinese takeout boxes designed with different styles?

You can opt for any style you wish for. With the list of boxes, we allow you to have your preferred styles too.

Do you take bulk orders for custom Chinese takeout boxes?

Yes, we take wholesale bulk orders for these packaging boxes.