Custom macaron boxes as a branding tool for your brand

Customers’ choice of purchasing macaron revolves around the packaging it comes into before even they have a chance to taste it. If the packing is inspiring, then they might proceed to purchase. Otherwise, they can choose any other brand. We understand the necessity of adding uniqueness to the custom macaron boxes so that customers can instantly pay attention to them and buy these.

Our printing machines, to die-cutting machines deliver high-quality outputs. Our customized solutions can boost your brand image. It could include a logo, brand name, color theme, or any other feature that reflects your brand’s communication with the customers.


Customized macaron boxes add diversity to the styles of packaging

Variety in the boxes’ styles can uplift the boxes’ creativity. For this reason, we always make brand new additions to the custom macaron packaging with versatile layouts to make them unique.

Slider box

A slider box comes with a lid that slides over the box containing the macarons. It comes with various customizing features and gives users a great experience of opening or closing the boxes. Sometimes we insert a ribbon loop as a handle to open the boxes.

Two-piece box

Custom macaron boxes with lids expand to various other styles. A general box includes one base box where you keep the macarons, and the other is a lid that encapsulates the base box. The smart packaging adds a fitted outlook to the boxes and keeps them safe.

Tuck top boxes

Such a style provides ample space for you to keep the macarons.

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Custom printed macaron boxes designed with premium printing techniques

With our premium printing techniques, we deliver high-resolution results for the packaging. Our color selection depends on the trendy colors and what clients demand us to add. Following a color theme again enhances the representation of the custom macaron packaging boxes. 

Lithography and offset printing are the standard printing techniques for designing packaging. Both techniques deliver crisp, bright, alluring colors to the boxes. Labels, brand names, and logos might require additional printing and finishing.

To highlight them, we use embossing and debossing finishing. It lets the printed labels get more focus and enhancement.

Custom made macaron boxes with add-on features to maximize their presentation

We are specialized in adding luxury and premium effects as add-on features to the boxes. A printed silk ribbon, a cute colorful box, and luxurious embellishments are some characteristics included in our custom macaron gift boxes. These fascinating boxes deliver a sense of joy and happiness to customers’ faces after getting those.

Window insertion is ideal for enhancing the visibility of these boxes. A simple, clear window of PVC sheet allows customers to sneak through the packaging and locate their favorite colorful macarons packed. Their satisfaction with the quality and presentation of the macarons advances through such packaging.

Why choose us?

The custom macaron boxes wholesale feature provides economical rates for the boxes through our company. No matter how many customizations you require to design them, our rates remain minimum and more affordable than our clients.


Can I select more than one customized feature for custom macaron boxes?

We offer tailor-made solutions; you can select as many customizations as possible.

Do you offer wholesale rates for custom macaron boxes?

Yes, we are the wholesale experts who provide affordable customized packaging rates.