Custom Gold Foil Boxes designed with marvelous customization features

Do you look for boxes with exceptional representation of premium products? Then, we can introduce you to the Custom Gold Foil Boxes. These boxes have no match in terms of their outlook, representation, and uniqueness. You will love how their display attracts the customers, who immediately want to purchase the products.

The customization we add to these boxes not only enhances the presentation of boxes but also affects the sales of the products. You can choose various finish types, shapes, and even dimensions for the boxes. We make sure the boxes we manufacture and design elevate the royal effect.


Customized gold foil boxes made with versatile finish techniques

The gold foil is undoubtedly a feature that instantly affects the outlook of the boxes. The versatile finish techniques boost the presentation of the packaging boxes. We have great expertise in printing suitable finish techniques on custom gold foil packing boxes. Our clients set different types in the finish according to their product requirements, so we ensure everything goes to their preferences. Our highly innovative printing machines can produce a high-class finish.

By selecting the matte finish, the boxes will stand out on the retail shelves due to their distinctive appearance. The richness of colors makes them look unique. Then, the glossy finish will produce a shiny effect on these boxes. It eventually makes the packaging premium. So, when you want to design luxury boxes, choosing such a finish will magnify the luxury effect of the packaging. For further information regarding the finish types, contact us at

Personalized gold foil packaging delivers a royal impact on the products

Our team of experts understands that gifts and presents require special packaging that immediately grabs customers’ attraction. We work with the royal gold color with the perfect hues and saturation to amaze the clients. Our experts have great expertise in printing the gold color with the most alluring prints.

You can use this particular packaging specifically for special occasions. For example, the birthday party themes or the themes of any other occasion go perfectly with our custom made gold foil boxes. The shiny or glossed surface of the boxes represents the gifts most luxurious. The unique features exhibited by our designed boxes are worth representing the products professionally. We chose a waterproof finish for these boxes.

Why choose us?

We are a custom packaging company who work on the presentation of the boxes and the quality our packaging produces. Our gold foil boxes have no match and can always uplift the sales of your products significantly. That is because the attractive features we design the boxes along are strong enough to captivate customer attention at a glance. We offer tailor-made solutions like shapes, styles, designs, and add-on features that will amaze you.


How many custom gold foil boxes can I order? 

You can order as many boxes as you want to have. There is no restriction to the figure.

Can I get custom gold foil boxes in versatile shapes?

Yes, the choice of shapes for the boxes is all up to you.