Custom book boxes manufactured to promote the representation of books

Readers are crazy for the purchases of newly launched or best-seller books. We understand and use a similar strategy to define the book casing in the most representable way. Our team introduces you to the amazing custom book boxes that will entertain your packaging requirement.

We let users have the easiest unboxing experience when they receive the pin-packed books. For this, our experts choose the right boxes that can easily open and keep the books locked up. With us, you will find numerous customization along with the style of boxes.


Custom-made book boxes designed with supreme quality paper stock ensure safety

The packaging of the books needs to have a presentable outlook and sturdiness. A rigid box can do this job well because it consists of hardboard and paper. So, we design these luxury boxes with a rigid material to protect the premium book boxes. There are least chances for the dust and dirt particles to settle on the books.

We use waterproof finish over the boxes to prevent water from exposing them. This particular feature further adds next-level safety to the books. To demonstrate this, you can visit us at

Customized book boxes designed to create distinctiveness in the layouts

We can design different layouts for the personalized book packaging. Unlike ordinary brown boxes, we have something more exclusive to share through the types of boxes. Every type of packaging we introduce has a unique layout, features, and color theme.

  • Flip top boxes

The upper side of the book box gets hinged with the back end of the box. It offers a complete level of protection to the packed books. You can get it to pack a single book or multiple books in a series.

  • Rigid book boxes

A rigid box consists of high-density paper sheets. It offers the book a good amount of sturdiness and firmness. The overall packaging looks smart and organized.

  • Sleeve drawer boxes

To exhibit premium quality, we provide you with a unique packaging style. It is the sleeve drawer boxes. A ribbon loop is fixed to the bottom carrier and behaves as a handle for customers to open the box. Such packaging always inspires them and persuades them to buy.

Custom printed book boxes with beautiful finish touches

To stand your product out in the market, we have finishing styles. Our experts provide top-notch finishing to make the personalized book boxes alluring. With embossing and debossing, we magnify the text or logo. Through glossy finishing, we can add a premium effect to the boxes. A matte finish will make the presentation of the packaging look classy.

Why choose us?

Our company provides the most styling, representable, and luxury book boxes. You can visit us and explore the personalization we can imply on these packaging solutions.


Can I add more than one customization feature to the custom book boxes?

Yes, you get introduced to the various customized features. Our features let you have unique and extraordinary packaging.

Can I order individual custom book boxes than bulk quantities?

Yes, you can order any quantity you want. We recommend you have bulk orders if you want wholesale rates.